Webinar: How IIoT Enables Real-Time Visibility & Actionable Insights in Manufacturing

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Originally Broadcast:
Wednesday, August 07, 2019
Event Type: Live Webinar
Duration: 1 Hour
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Industrial IoT has the power to transform visibility in operations by breaking down IT and OT silos and delivering information in real-time with role-based applications. Whether it’s for an operator, maintenance team, controls engineer, or plant manager, better visibility empowers everyone to see information in real-time, make data-driven decisions, and innovate on new processes and efficiencies across equipment, lines, or facilities – from anywhere in the enterprise. IIoT enabled visibility and intelligence creates meaningful value to help drive the outcomes manufacturers need to stay competitive.

Join Howard Heppelmann, VP & GM of Connected Solutions, PTC, and Bob Murphy, SVP Connected Enterprise Consulting, Rockwell Automation, to hear firsthand why it pays to create real-time visibility in manufacturing and learn more about how Rockwell Automation has created real-time visibility in their operations. You’ll learn about:

  1. How IIoT can lower costs, increase operational performance, and improve product quality
  2. Real-time visibility use cases enabled by industrial IoT, including:  production monitoring, asset performance monitoring, workforce monitoring, and KPIs
  3. Best practices for implementing Industrial IoT, including the importance of partners
  4. Case studies from manufacturers across a variety of industries


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